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Third NSW Pub Closed for Covid-19 Breaches

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Third NSW Pub Closed for Covid-19 Breaches

Authorities have warned against complacency after a third NSW pub was closed for a week following repeated breaches of coronavirus health orders.

The Shaws Bay Hotel in Ballina will be shut for a week from 5am on Saturday after police identified 12 breaches of the public health orders across two visits in late September and early October, which resulted in two $5000 fines.

Police said the breaches included one drunk patron mingling between six different groups and tables in the venue.

Liquor & Gaming compliance director Dimitri Argeres said the hotel’s ongoing non-compliance with physical distancing obligations presented a “serious risk” to public safety.

“The Shaws Bay Hotel had ample warning to tighten up their game,” Argeres said.

“It is clear the ongoing operation of the premises could endanger public health.”

The Shaws Bay Hotel will be closed until 5am on October 24.

It is the third NSW venue to be closed for a week, following the closure of Unity Hall Hotel in Rozelle and the Rivers Inn Restaurant in Thredbo last month.

Liquor & Gaming, NSW Fair Trading and SafeWork NSW have conducted 311 hospitality venue inspections over the last fortnight and reportedly found almost 100 per cent compliance.

Gus McCubbing in Sydney


Focus News: Third NSW Pub Closed for Covid-19 Breaches

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