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South Australia Secures New Fire Trucks Ahead of Bushfire Season

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Beijing Views US Consulates as ‘Hostile Forces,’ Orders Monitoring of Diplomats: Leaked Documents

Chinese authorities see U.S. consulates as “hostile forces” that conduct “infiltration and sabotage” activities on Chinese soil and have ordered officials to monitor key U.S. diplomats, according to a leaked document obtained by The Epoch Times. At a time when bilateral relations hit a historical low, the document from Leizhou city of China’s southeastern Guangdong Province offers a rare glimpse into how the Chinese regime deals with American diplomats. In a four-page “work plan” dated April 2018, the Leizhou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau described the “U.S. and other Western consulates in China” as key targets that could threaten the region’s political and social stability. All departments and units within the bureau must work to counter such influences, by effectively “blocking [the consulates] from establishing connections with key [Chinese]…

South Australia Secures New Fire Trucks Ahead of Bushfire Season

New trucks, new kit and better communications will place South Australia in a better position to fight potentially deadly bushfires this summer, the state government says.

The government is rolling out a $97.5 million (US$69 million) action plan following a major review of last season’s fires which devastated parts of the Adelaide Hills and the western half of Kangaroo Island.

The fires destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings and claimed three lives as they swept through more than 200,000 hectares of scrub and farm land.

“The review was completed and actions initiated immediately, so we can better manage bushfires and the impact they have on our communities,” Emergency Services Minister Vincent Tarzia said.

“The action plan is about safeguarding our future.”

On Sunday, Tarzia delivered a new high-tech fire truck and thermal imaging camera to the Montacute Country Fire Service brigade in the Adelaide foothills.

It’s one of 25 to join the CFS fleet this summer which the minister said would聽make a significant difference in its ability to protect lives and property.

Another 16 trucks are being refurbished to聽include sprinkler systems designed to protect firefighters and聽55 thermal imaging cameras will be distributed across the state.

CFS Chief Officer Mark Jones said last season’s bushfires were intense and burned quickly, making enhanced safety systems crucial.

“It’s vital that our trucks are fitted to the appropriate safety standards, including the installation of sprinkler systems, so that if our personnel are caught in a fire, they have the optimal chance of remaining safe,” Jones said.

“Increasing the number of trucks with sprinkler systems will increase the number of trucks we can confidently send to major bushfire events.”

By Tim Dornin

Focus News: South Australia Secures New Fire Trucks Ahead of Bushfire Season

Tuberculosis Outbreak Infects Dozens at Chinese College

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging the world, a series of tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks at a major Chinese university was revealed via social media posts and local media reports. The Epoch Times has also interviewed a few students and obtained internal government documents that indicate local authorities attempted to cover up the TB epidemic. Tuberculosis is a respiratory infectious disease that usually causes lung infection. Those with latent TB infection do not have symptoms. Without proper treatment in time, 10 percent of patients with latent infection will progress to active TB, with a fatality rate of 50 percent, according to the World Health Organization. Jiangsu Normal University Conceals TB Cases Jiangsu Normal University issued a notice on the evening of Oct. 14, stating that from Oct. 10 to 11,…

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