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Satellite images show no damage to kamikaze drone plant in Iran after alleged strike

The alleged Shahed combat drone plant in the city of Isfahan, Iran, wasn’t damaged after an alleged attack on Jan. 29, a SkySat satellite image released by U.S. Earth imaging company Planet Labs shows.

The Jan. 29 attack on Iran’s Isfahan military plant was “a tremendous success” despite Iranian claims of a failure, the Jerusalem Post earlier reported, citing unnamed Western intelligence sources and other foreign sources.

Israel hasn’t claimed responsibility for the Jan. 29 attack.

Russia has purchased batches of drones from Iran to use in its war against Ukraine.

Russian forces have been using Iranian-made drones, alongside missiles, to launch massive attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.

Since October, these repeated attacks have killed dozens of civilians in Ukraine and caused power, heating, and water cut-offs.

In total, as of Jan. 17, the Ukrainian military had downed more than 500 Iranian-made kamikaze drones since Sept.13, when the first one was detected in the Kharkiv Oblast.