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Innovation Minister Defends ‘Superclusters’ Following Critical Report

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Xi Stirs up Nationalistic, Anti-Us Sentiment During Korean War Anniversary Speech

Chinese leader Xi Jinping delivered a lengthy, high-profile address at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. The Chinese regime refers to it as the “War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.” Xi’s speech came after China’s state broadcaster CCTV finished airing a 20-episode documentary series on the conflict.   Major Cleveland of the 2nd Inf. Division points out Communist-led North Korean position to his machine gun crew on Nov. 20, 1950, during the Korean War. (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)Xi began his speech on Oct. 23 by repeating the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that the United States first invaded North Korea, and Chinese troops sacrificed themselves to resist U.S. aggression. In fact, the conflict ignited when Pyongyang…

Innovation Minister Defends ‘Superclusters’ Following Critical Report

OTTAWA鈥擨nnovation Minister Navdeep Bains is seeking to pump enthusiasm back into the government鈥檚 “supercluster” program following a report from the parliamentary spending watchdog that says the effort is falling short on its promise.

Bains says Canada鈥檚 superclusters, which fuse public and private money to promote innovation, are succeeding in commercializing ideas and creating middle-class jobs.

He says projects funded through the five supercluster sectors, which include artificial intelligence, manufacturing and agriculture, have generated 6,100 jobs across more than 220 projects.

But Bains is also stressing the program鈥檚 potential over a 5-to-10-year timeline following a performance that has failed to to live up to expectations so far.

The parliamentary budget officer projected earlier this month that only about 4,000 jobs would be created by the $918-million endeavour, which he said is unlikely to meet the program鈥檚 spending and job growth goals.

The watchdog鈥檚 concerns come on top of criticism from the Council of Canadian Innovators, which argues the superclusters fail to retain intellectual property developed through public funding.

Focus News: Innovation Minister Defends ‘Superclusters’ Following Critical Report

China Insider: Evidence of Genocide Exposed by CCP’s Internal Documents

The Epoch Times recently obtained a document classified as “top secret” by Chinese authorities. It exposed that China’s judicial and public security systems have been committing the crime of genocide against Falun Gong practitioners for nearly 20 years. The document is a “judicial opinion” jointly issued on Nov. 30, 2000 by five departments: the Supreme Court, the Supreme Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of National Security, and the Ministry of Justice. It clearly stipulated that “political and legal departments at all levels must resolutely implement the important instructions of” then Party leader Jiang Zemin to crack down on Falun Gong, and listed various charges and punishments targeting different actions of Falun Gong practitioners. For instance, when Falun Gong practitioners print and distribute Falun Gong flyers, the charge…

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