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Egypt Sentences 37 to Jail for Joining ISIS: Judicial Sources

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“Whatever your reasons, consumers should have the power to choose their preferred method of payment,” he added. Back when Torres introduced the bill in 2018, he argued that businesses going cashless would discriminate against people with impaired access to banking services. “Restaurants that do not accept cash can pose a lot of challenges to low-income people, and communities of color that may have difficulty accessing traditional banking options and access to credit cards,” Torres said, the New York Post reported at the time. “This is a matter of equity and economic justice.” A 2015 Urban Institute study found that around one in nine households in New York City in 2013 did not have a bank account. “Nationwide, millions of Americans live on the economic margins,” the study noted, citing a 2014…

Egypt Sentences 37 to Jail for Joining ISIS: Judicial Sources

An Egyptian court sentenced 37 people on Monday to jail terms including life imprisonment for joining or supporting ISIS terrorist group’s Sinai Province affiliate, judicial sources said.

Extremists loyal to ISIS have been waging an insurgency in the north of the Sinai Peninsula and other parts of the country that has killed hundreds of soldiers, police, and residents.

A Cairo criminal court sentenced eight defendants to life terms and 29 to terms ranging from one to 15 years, after prosecutors accused them of planning attacks, promoting the group’s ideology in prisons, and financing its cells, the judicial sources said. Seven were acquitted.

The defendants, all of whom pleaded not guilty, can appeal against the sentence at the court of cassation, Egypt’s top civilian court.

Separately, another Cairo criminal court referred the cases of three men accused over a 2018 failed assassination attempt against Alexandria’s security chief to Egypt’s top religious authority, paving the way for possible death sentences, judicial sources said.

Prosecutors said the defendants were part of a militant group called Hasm, which the government describes as an armed wing of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The group denies any link with any militant activity.

By Haitham Ahmed

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