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627 New Virus Cases, Eight Deaths and One in Four Not Isolating in Victoria on July 31

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627 New Virus Cases, Eight Deaths and One in Four Not Isolating in Victoria on July 31

An alarming number of Victorians who have tested positive for COVID-19 are not staying home, with more than 100 referred to police, as the state recorded 627 more cases and another eight deaths.

Premier Daniel Andrews said Australian Defence Force personnel and public health officials did more than 500 visits to positive cases on July 30, but one in four were not home.

“There were more than 130 unsuccessful visits,” he said.

“There’ll be a multitude of reasons for that, but what I can confirm for you is that more than 100 cases have been referred to Victoria Police.”

The premier said there was no excuse for people who have tested positive not to be isolating.

“It is simply unacceptable for you to have this virus and not be at home,” he said.

The latest fatalities were two men in their 50s, two men aged in their 70s, three men in their 80s and one woman in her 70s. Four of the eight are linked to aged care homes.

The deaths take the state toll to 112 and the national figure to 197.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said workplace transmission was a significant factor in driving large case numbers, particularly those with a younger workforce who may not exhibit symptoms.

Sutton said while Victoria’s surge was disappointing, the lockdown was having an effect.

“We cannot open up with these numbers, we cannot open up with significantly less than these numbers.” , said聽the premier.

Andrews also said the $300 isolation payment had been made to 4200 workers awaiting test results and who face hardship for not going to work, at a cost of $1.26 million.

So far 12,600 businesses have received a $5000 grant, worth around $63 million in total.

Carly Waters in Melbourne

Focus News: 627 New Virus Cases, Eight Deaths and One in Four Not Isolating in Victoria on July 31

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