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Police in Paris arrested a man who targeted passersby, killing 1, injuring 2 others, official says

PARIS (AP) — French police arrested a man who targeted passersby in Paris on Saturday night, killing a German tourist with a knife and injuring two others, France’s interior minister said.

Police subdued the man, a 25-year-old French citizen who had spent four years in prison for a violent offense. After his arrest, he expressed anguish about Muslims dying, notably in the Palestinian territories, and claimed that France was an accomplice, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said. The attacker apparently cried “Allahu Akbar” (God is great), Darmanin added.

“This person was ready to kill others,” Darmanin told reporters.

The attacker went after a German couple with a knife, killing the man. He then used a hammer to injure two others.

The attacker, who was not identified by name, left prison after four years in 2020 and was under surveillance and undergoing psychiatric treatment, the minister said, painting a brief portrait of the assailant, who was born in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, a Paris suburb.

The attack happened in the 15th district of the French capital with the assailant using a knife to kill and a hammer to attack the injured. Details about the victims were not immediately known.

The attacker was stopped by police who twice fired a taser at him in the stomach, the minister said, praising the officers for their quick response and reiterating that “there would doubtless have been other dead.”

France has been under a terror alert, and the attack raised the fear level in the French capital.

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