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The man who sued Buffalo Wild Wings over its ‘boneless’ wings is now suing a home-goods company over a $20 blanket

Not the blanket in question.Wilatlak Villette/Getty Images

Aimen Halim, who sued Buffalo Wild Wings over its boneless wings, has filed another class-action lawsuit.

Now, Halim is suing a home goods company over a blanket that sells at Costco and Walmart for $20.

Halim and four other plaintiffs accused Berkshire Blanket & Home Company of greenwashing.

The man who sued Buffalo Wild Wings over their “boneless” wings has struck again, this time suing a home-goods company over a blanket.

Aimen Halim gained notoriety earlier this year when he filed a class-action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings, alleging the company’s “boneless wings” are closer to chicken nuggets. That lawsuit came after Halim filed at least three other class-action suits against companies he accused of using deceptive marketing practices.

Now, Halim and a handful of other plaintiffs have made similar claims against Berkshire Blanket & Home Company, claiming the company misrepresented a plush blanket as more sustainable than it really is.

“These representations lead consumers to believe the blanket is a ‘green’ product that has a less harmful impact on the environment because of its ingredients, manufacture, use, or disposal,” the lawsuit says. “Unfortunately for consumers, these representations by Defendant are false.”

A spokesperson for Berkshire did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The “Soft Blanket” was previously branded as the “EcoSoft Blanket,” according to images in the lawsuit. Aside from Berkshire’s website, the blanket is available in a variety of sizes at Costco, Walmart, and Amazon, at prices ranging from about $20 to $50.

The branding for the blanket said it used “half the water” in the dyeing and manufacturing process, the lawsuit alleged, accusing the company of greenwashing.

“This calls the question, ‘half of what?’ It is unclear whether this references half of the water of competitors, half the water it previously used, or some other half,” Halim and the other plaintiffs said in the lawsuit. “Berkshire makes no attempt to substantiate its claim that the amount of water being used is somehow better for the environment.”

An expert previously said the lawsuits may be more ‘annoying’ than effective

Halim is one of five plaintiffs listed in the class-action lawsuit, which intends to represent “all citizens of the United States who purchased a Berkshire Life EcoSoft Blanket.” It further alleges that the contested amount of money exceeds $5 million.

Attorneys for the five plaintiffs did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

In order for the case to move forward, a judge will have to grant the case class-action certification, which means the damages have to be “substantial.”

Halim has prior experience suing companies on allegations of deceptive marketing. He has sued over Tom’s Wicked Fresh Mouthwash, KIND granola, and Hefty recycling bags. An attorney previously told Insider that his methods may be more “annoying” than effective.

“There’s a thin line between consumer advocacy and just being annoying,” attorney Bill Marler told Insider in March. “It raises the issue about what’s the real purpose here?”

Halim could not be reached for comment.

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