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Satellite images indicate that Russians begin to build a crossing under Chonhar bridge

The Russians began to build a pontoon crossing under the Chonhar bridge, which was damaged by a missile attack.

Source: Skhemy (Schemes), a project of Radio Liberty

Quote: “On 23 June, the Planet satellite recorded a new pontoon crossing, erected under the Chonhar bridge – this happened after the attack reported by Russian-controlled authorities of the occupied territories of Ukraine on the morning of 22 June.”

Details: The pictures published by the project show that two bridges in this place have been damaged.

In the pictures taken on 18 May, there was no crossing yet.


On Thursday, 22 June, Russians reported an attack on a bridge on the administrative border between Kherson Oblast and Crimea near Chonhar.

Nikolai Lukashenko, Kremlin-appointed so-called “minister of transport of Crimea”, said that it would take several weeks to restore the Chonhar Bridge fully.

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