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Russian forces destroy own tank, pass it off as Ukrainian loss

The Russians tried to pass off their T-90M as a Slovenian M-55S

Pro-Kremlin Telegram news channels posted on Aug. 22 a drone video allegedly showing a “Ukrainian tank” being destroyed by a Lancet attack drone. But fact-checkers quickly debunked the claim.

Russians asserted the strike hit an M-55S tank provided to Ukraine from Slovenia. However, the destroyed vehicle was their own abandoned T-90M “Proryv” tank left damaged near Robotyne in Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

Collage of the NV

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The tank matches one filmed being hit in early August initially identified as a T-72. But the wreckage displayed no Ukrainian military flags or markings.

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Likely the Russians tried preventing their new tank’s capture as a trophy while feigning at least some “success” for domestic audiences. No evidence indicated the tank was operated by Ukrainian forces.

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