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Occupier that taunts Zelenskyy in video sheds tears when captured by Ukrainian army – funny video

Once in captivity, the occupier no longer looked so defiant

Tales of “crime and punishment” can be far shorter than the famous Fyodor Dostoevsky work, but can be just as instructive.

“Hello, Mr. Zelenskyy,” Occupiers boast about capturing a Bradley on camera, but later cry upon capture, as seen in two videos shared by Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsapliyenko.

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Tsapliyenko released two revealing videos that showcase fate’s capriciousness, especially when venturing armed into a foreign land.

In the first video, a Russian soldier and accomplices proudly flaunt a seized American M2 Bradley IFV, calling it their “trophy.”

“We greet Mr. Zelenskyy… Soon we’ll crush the motorbike league and take this back. Kerch squad,” the occupiers brag on camera.

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However, their jubilation is brief, as Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers quickly reclaim it.

The Russian who greeted Zelensky on the earlier video then loses his bravado. He sheds tears upon Ukrainian soldiers’ capture, whining that he’s just 19 years old.

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