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Netherlands wins Miss International Queen 2023

STORY: The Netherlands made history by emerging victorious over 22 contestants, claiming the crown for the first time. Following closely behind, Singapore and the United States secure second and third place respectively in the competition.

“Believe in yourself in order to achieve everything that you want because you are the hero of your own story,” said Dekker who wore the glistening crown.

Back stage, Miss International Queen Philippines Lars Pacheco said the pageant was very meaningful for her.

“It serves as the best platform for me to raise awareness, to raise my voice towards our battle for equality,” she added.

Introduced 17 years ago with the aim of fostering acceptance of transgender women in society, the contest unites individuals from across the globe who identify as transgender.

Thailand’s reputation as a liberal holiday destination for international tourists is further bolstered by its vibrant and prominent lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities, solidifying its position as one of Asia’s most welcoming and inclusive nations.