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Jeanine Pirro’s Insult Of Kamala Harris Is Beyond The Pale On Fox News

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said Tuesday that Kamala Harris “established the precedent that a woman is incapable of being vice president.” (Watch the video below.)

Pirro’s hot take on “The Five” joined a right-wing chorus of negativity aimed at Harris on Tuesday. Greg Gutfeld, her colleague on “The Five,” said Harris was the “worst VP in history.” He said that her being Black and a woman got her the job “but that didn’t promise any competence.” Fox News exile Tucker Carlson claimed on his Twitter show that she was “universally reviled.”

Pirro’s comment suggesting that Harris hurt the cause of women perhaps cut deeper.

The former judge said President Joe Biden’s advancing age means Harris might have to fill the job at some point. “She is literally a heartbeat away from the presidency,” she said.

Co-host Dana Perino had set the tableby citing an NBC News poll that indicated Harris’ negative favorability numbers were the lowest in the poll’s history.

Pirro piled on by noting previous reports of a tense work environment in Harris’ office.

“This is a woman who was in a position to make it easy for other women behind her to come forward and do the job, where Americans can say, ‘You know, a woman is capable of doing this,’” Pirro said. “If anything, she has established the precedent that a woman is incapable of being vice president.”

Pirro also brought up Harris’ laugh. Harris has been accused ― sometimes falsely ― of laughing at inappropriate moments.

“I don’t know what she’s giggling about,” the conservative host said. “But I have a philosophy in life and my philosophy is, if somebody is out there always giggling, they’re a miserable person.”

Pirro said Harris had failed at the job after having it handed to her “because she checked off all the boxes.”


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