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Investigating leads, Oklahoma officers dig on former property of BTK serial killer

Investigators from an Oklahoma sheriff’s office were digging on the former site of Dennis Rader’s home in Park City on Tuesday.

Rader is the BTK serial killer.

Osage County Undersheriff Gary Upton said they are looking for possible leads.

“The Osage County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to follow leads in unsolved missing persons and murder cases possibly related to BTK,” Upton told an Eagle reporter late Tuesday afternoon. “The investigation is ongoing at this time and I still have investigators out in the field.”

At the site where the home once stood in a Park City neighborhood, now an empty field, were two concrete blocks set aside to allow investigators to dig, an Eagle reporter at the scene described.

Dirt and rebar dotted the site where Dennis Rader’s former property once stood after investigators dug on Tuesday.

Osage County Sheriff’s Office investigators, Park City Police Department and Kansas Bureau of Investigation agents were at the site Tuesday.

Upton did not specify what they were looking for.

“[We’re] just investigating some leads that took us to that location,” Upton said. “I can’t comment any further.”

Rader was a serial killer who terrorized Wichita residents from 1974 to 1991. He gave himself the nickname of BTK, which he said stood for bind, torture and kill.

He was sentenced Aug. 17, 2005 on 10 convictions of first-degree murder.