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A video appears to show Ukraine’s drones destroying a Russian ‘Terminator’ in the second confirmed loss of the prized armored vehicle

A screenshot from a video showing Ukraine striking a Russian BMP-T armored vehicle, nicknamed the “Terminator.”The Security Service of Ukraine/X

Ukraine says it destroyed a prized Russian “Terminator” armored vehicle with attack drones.

A video shows the weapon being struck and pulled away by a T-80 tank that is also hit.

This appears to be the second confirmed loss of the hi-tech vehicle used to support tanks.

A video appears to show Ukraine destroying a Russian BMP-T armored vehicle, nicknamed the “Terminator,” in the second confirmed loss of the prized fighting vehicle.

The Security Service of Ukraine shared a video showing the vehicle maneuvering through a field before being struck from above by drones.

Troops appear to be seen running from the vehicle following the strike. Another clip shows the damaged vehicle being pulled by a T-80 tank before more strikes rain down from above.

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“This rare model of enemy weaponry burned down after only a few hits from kamikaze drones,” the SBU said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“They tried to pull out the downed Terminator with a T-80 tank but, it was also hit!”

It is unclear when and where the video was taken, and Insider could not independently verify it.

A BMPT Terminator armored fighting vehicle heads to Red Square for a Victory Day military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II, June 24, 2020.Anton NovoderezhkinTASS via Getty Images

The hi-tech “Terminator” is designed to support tanks and can simultaneously engage three targets using its four weapon systems.

The armored vehicle has a weapons arsenal that includes twin 30 mm guns, four high-speed Ataka anti-tank missiles with a nearly four-mile range, two AG-17D grenade launchers, and a coaxial 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun.

The vehicle, which is manufactured by Uralvagonzavod, the main tank producer for the Russian military, was first designed in the 1980s. The Russian army is believed to have only 10 of the vehicles.

A serviceman washes a BMPT Terminator armored fighting vehicle designed to support tanks as part of preparations for the Victory Day military parade, in Moscow, April 23, 2019.Anton NovoderezhkinTASS via Getty Images

Despite the vehicles’ impressive appearance, there are likely too few to impact the battlefield significantly, the UK defense ministry previously said.

Any successful strikes on these vehicles are likely embarrassing for Russia, as the weapons are media darlings.

Russia has suffered huge equipment losses during its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, with visually documented losses of over 11,600 vehicles and equipment, per open-source tracking website Oryx.

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