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18 Signs That Made Me Laugh Way, Way, Way, Way Harder Than I Intended To

It’s time to collectively forget our woes and take a gander at some clever and giggle-worthy signs, courtesy of r/funnysigns on Reddit. LMK if you laugh:

1.“Happy hour.”

u/Odd-Tutor931 / Via

2.“Teaching nowadays.”

u/HelMort / Via

3.“Just a friendly reminder.”

u/ParkingTarget8917 / Via

4.“They know what they’re doing.”

u/Glittering_Mobile_75 / Via

5.“Revenge is sweet.”

u/MonsieurSpiffy / Via

6.“Well that escalated quickly.”

u/8inchYetti / Via

7.“Seems like a good deal.”

u/PsychoDDRQ / Via

8.“Shame on you!”

u/ScottishGodzilla69 / Via

9.“It won’t hold.”

u/Internetboy5434 / Via

10.“I guess they need alcohol.”

u/ejeuft67 / Via

11.“Yeah, spelling is very important. 😂”

u/Tricky_Oil9988 / Via

12.“Now that you mention it…”

u/Bubble_Babe_0o0o0o / Via

13.“Are you sure?”

u/Pumuckl4Life / Via

14.“#whatsinyourmouth #run.”


15.“British museum’s way of saying, ‘Do not touch.'”

u/abaganoush / Via

16.“Resistance is futile.”

u/Bubble_Babe_0o0o0o / Via

17.“Prevention is better than picking up poop.”

u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via

18.“Sign that will stop you in your tracks.”

u/oliverjack0900 / Via