Pregnant Florida Woman Killed After Hitting Motorcyclist With Her Car: Officials

Police tape is seen in this  stock photo. (Carl Ballou/Shutterstock)

A pregnant Florida woman died after allegedly inciting a road rage incident with a motorcyclist in Orange City over the weekend, according to police.

Sara Nicole Morales, 35, is accused of hitting Andrew Derr’s motorcycle intentionally with her blue Kia on Saturday in the 1400 block of N. Volusia Ave, said a statement from the Orange City Police Department on Monday.

Derr was not harmed in the incident, and he and other witnesses followed Morales when she allegedly attempted to drive away, officials said.

Morales, who was being followed by Derr and the other witnesses, drove to her home where she grabbed a gun, police said. woman then went outside her home and allegedly pointed the weapon at Derr and the witnesses while they called 911 while standing in the street.

Derr, who had a valid Florida concealed carry permit, drew his gun and fired several rounds at Morales, according to police.

Morales’ family told Fox35 that the woman, who works as a librarian in Volusia County, is five months pregnant with a child, who didn’t survive. She also left behind an 11-year-old daughter and her fiance, they said.

Bodycamera footage that was released by police showed officers ordering Derr to lie face down on the ground and not move.

“I’m not moving. Please don’t shoot me,” Derr told the officers. “That girl tried to kill me. She pointed a gun at me … I’m so sorry.”

A witness told officers that Derr acted “in self-defense” when he opened fire, according to the footage.

As of Tuesday, Derr has not been charged in connection to Morales’ death. Officials said Derr is cooperating in their investigation.

Orange City Police Department said an investigation is ongoing.

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