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French Conservatives: Trump Gave Us Hope

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Mnuchin Calls on Congress to Unlock $580 Billion of Unspent Stimulus Money

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin urged lawmakers to redirect unspent stimulus money allocated by Congress under the CARES Act to provide targeted support to parts of the U.S. economy that have been hardest-hit by the pandemic. “I hope that Congress will seriously consider reallocating $580 billion of funds that have already been appropriated that wouldn’t cost taxpayers an additional penny,” he said in a phone interview on Thursday, as cited by Bloomberg. Mnuchin suggested the unspent funds could be used to help small businesses in the entertainment, travel, and restaurant industries, as well as to extend unemployment insurance. “I believe it will have a significant impact for people whose businesses have been impacted by COVID—they can then get through to the beginning of next year when we will have vaccines broadly…

Stanislas Rigault (Ree-Go) followed the Election Day with some of his friends.

It was important enough for them to stay up all night long, watching the news.

Rigault founded the Free Student media group to give a voice to conservative students in France. According to him, media coverage in France is very similar to the United States.

“Pretty much all the media here in France are pushing leftist bias today. It seems they are perfect counterparts to U.S. media.”

Even today, they have more than one reason to follow the U.S. election updates.

The 2016 red wave didn’t stop at the U.S. border, it also flooded Europe. According to Rigault, this marked the start of their conservative movement.

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Focus News: French Conservatives: Trump Gave Us Hope

Trump Backers Threatened With Blacklist

Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley responded to threats of punishment towards Trump staff and supporters by political speakers on the far left. Shirley called these鈥攖hreats of “tortious interference.” “Tortious interference has been a law since before the Constitution.” A form of tortious interference is when someone improperly interferes with a business relationship or transaction between a person and a third party. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) requested on Twitter that Trump appointees and supporters be listed and recorded. From NTD News Focus News: Trump Backers Threatened With Blacklist

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