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Chinese Activist in Japan Pressured by CCP to Return to China

A Chinese rights activist living in Japan has revealed to The Epoch Times that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities in Jiangsu Province tried to lure her back to China in recent days using the excuse of resolving her home demolition issue. Meanwhile, her mother was threatened in China by CCP police.

Yang Caiying, a Chinese citizen living in Japan, has been protesting in front of the Chinese regime’s Consulate in Nagoya since April 2023 and distributing leaflets at Nagoya Station to defend the rights of her family in China. Ms. Yang said that her mother, who lives in China, has been filing complaints about the demolition of their home by the local government and has been kidnapped and beaten by local police and prevented from going to Beijing to seek medical treatment for her heart issue.

Recently, Ms. Yang posted online the names, photos, and workplaces of the CCP officials who persecuted her family, as well as information on how her family members were tortured by Chinese police.

Ms. Yang told The Epoch Times: “On May 9, Sun Zhijun, director of the Xicheng Street Construction Bureau of Jintan District of Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province, contacted me through WeChat and said that he wanted to solve the housing relocation issue and asked me to return to China to discuss it face to face with them. I pointed out that Yao Xiang, the deputy head of Jintan District, wanted to harm me and I asked to discuss through WeChat. Sun saw that he couldn’t lure me back; he warned me to think about it carefully.”

At the same time, Ms. Yang’s mother, Xu Dongqing, was summoned to the local Binhu Police Station for “disturbing order in public places.” Ms. Yang’s sister Yang Li received a notice from the police station about it, and then there was no news about their mother.

At noon on May 10, Ms. Xu was sent home. During the detention by the police, Ms. Xu fell ill for unknown reasons and was sent to the hospital. The authorities concealed the situation from the family, according to Ms. Yang.

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“At around 5 p.m. on May 10, someone came to my house and said, ‘Don’t fight with the government; they will cut off the power and set your house on fire,’” she said.

“Because my mother has gone to Beijing to file a complaint again, the Jiangsu government did not give her a way to live, so she had to go to Beijing to file a complaint. Although they are all the same, we cannot just sit back and wait for death.”

The Epoch Times called Sun Zhijun, director of the Xicheng Subdistrict Construction Bureau of Jintan District of Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province, to verify the situation, but the call could not get through.

Ms. Yang also revealed that her mother and her sister were kidnapped from Beijing’s hospitals by the Jiangsu authorities and detained in September 2023 and April 2024. She said that they were also beaten by the Jiangsu police in Beijing on April 17.

Ms. Yang said that she repeatedly requested through WeChat that Wang Chunming, director of the Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Petition Bureau, and Wang Ying, deputy director of the Changzhou Municipal Petition Bureau, convey to the Provincial Party Committee Secretary Nobunaga Xing, Governor Xu Kunlin, the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Jinhu, and Changzhou Mayor Han Lei the requirement to protect the Yang family’s freedom of medical treatment and petition and solve the issue of demolition of their home in accordance with the law. The two officials refused to respond.The CCP’s Transnational RepressionAccording a report issued on April 16 by “Safeguard Defenders”, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Spain, the CCP authorities have used its two overseas campaigns—“Operation Fox Hunt“ and ”Operation Skynet”—to expand its transnational repression efforts around the globe.

The report pointed out that the CCP has adopted a “range of illicit means in violation of the sovereignty of third nations and the fundamental human rights of the targeted individuals,” including kidnapping. The CCP’s operations are “topped by the method of persuade to return—a combination of pressure techniques employed on family members and loved ones in China, including collective punishment, as well as direct stalking, harassment and threats.”

Li Xi contributed to this report.

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