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Consumer Council Finds Variations in Performance of Adult Diapers, Some Basic Findings

Consumer Council tests reveal variations in the performance of adult diapers at 15th May 2023. (Photo by Sung Pi-Lung/The Epoch Times)

In a recent Hong Kong Consumer Council study, various adult diapers, incontinence pads and adult pants were tested to evaluate their absorption capabilities, breathability, quality, hygiene standards, presence of harmful chemicals, and pH levels. The study identified that a few products contained traces of irritant chemicals, which could potentially cause skin allergies with prolonged use.

The study assessed several factors in adult diapers, including absorption speed and capacity, leakage prevention, and breathability. While all the tested diapers met the standard requirements for absorption, there were notable differences in absorption speed among different products.

Additionally, some diapers demonstrated better leakage prevention, keeping the surface drier for longer. Breathability was also considered, contributing to user comfort and skin health.

Consumers must know potential irritants in adult diapers and choose products that prioritize user safety and comfort. Manufacturers should ensure that their materials and manufacturing processes meet safety standards to minimize the risk of skin allergies or irritation.

Considerations for Choosing Adult Diapers, Pull-Up Pants, and Urine Leakage Pads

The Council emphasizes that consumers should consider the user’s health condition when purchasing adult diapers, pull-up pants, or urine leakage pads.

For individuals with limited mobility or those who are bedridden, it is advisable to choose adult diapers that are leak-resistant, highly breathable, and have fast absorption to maintain dry skin. Products with higher absorption capacity should be selected in cases of severe incontinence.

High breathability and fast absorption, pull-up pants are recommended for individuals with moderate to severe incontinence who can walk independently or with assistance. These provide convenience in wearing and removing while maintaining breathability.

Urine leakage pads can be considered if the incontinence is mild, such as occasional leakage during laughter, coughing, or lifting heavy objects.

Usage and Care Tips for Selecting and Using Adult Diapers

Apart from selecting products with appropriate absorption capacity, the fit and comfort of the product are also crucial. Consumers are encouraged to compare different options and choose the most suitable product. Here are some additional usage and care tips for consumers:

Regardless of using adult diapers, pull-up pants, or urine leakage pads, changing them every four to six hours is generally recommended. Prolonged contact with urine can create a moist environment that promotes bacterial growth and may lead to skin discomfort, rashes, and itching.

For nighttime use or situations when there may not be a caregiver available to change the diaper regularly, high-absorbency diapers (such as overnight variants) can be considered. However, if the user’s skin is healthy and without wounds, it is generally advised not to disturb their sleep by changing diapers at night.

But if the user has damaged or sensitive skin prone to rashes or allergies, changing diapers every four hours is recommended to prevent diaper rash or urinary tract infections.

Ensure the proper fit and size of the product and follow the instructions for correct wearing to avoid friction between the diaper and the skin, which can increase the risk of skin irritation.

Maintaining healthy habits such as drinking six to eight cups of water daily to keep a sufficient urine output helps prevent urinary tract infections. It is also beneficial to reduce the consumption of diuretic beverages such as strong tea, alcohol, or caffeinated drinks.